The Cell Tower Lease Is For Sale: The Cell Tower Isn’t For Sale

Is the Cell Tower For Sale or Not?

Although it has become synonymous, it is usually the cell tower lease that is for sale and not the cell tower itself that is for sale. Why, you may ask. Because normally the cell site equipment is owned by the cell carrier company and not the property owner.

Most Cell Towers Are Owned by The Cell Carriers

Most cell sites are originated when a mobile carrier, like Verizon, At&T or Sprint approaches a property owner and negotiates a space on the property to construct a cell site. The carrier may determined that the particular real estate is the best possible location to fill in a dead or weak spot in their coverage.

Selling a Cell Tower Doesn’t always Mean The Tower is for Sale

When a cell site landlord wishes to sell their site lease, most will invariably communicate that they wish to ‘sell their cell tower’. What they may mean is they wish to sell their tower site lease. The synonymous, and often erroneous phrase is not just used by sellers, buyers also mistakenly use the same erroneous phrase.

Latice cell tower

Do you own the ‘steel’?

What is significant is, that if the cell tower lease owner also owns the tower, it is a whole new ball game, if they haven’t given away the control of the tower unknowingly or through poor negotiations. By owning and controlling the tower, the owner can lease additional space to any new comer AND not share the new rent.

Actually selling a tower means selling the ‘steel’ (and all of the added benefits of additional income). This brings out cell site buyers who are not normally interested in just cell site leases, but a segment of the industry who are interested in actually interested in ‘buying the cell site towers’ and will pay significantly more to actually own the ‘steel’. Big, big difference.

Just saying!

Before you try and negotiate any cell site lease transaction, get a quote. You will be money ahead. 760 470-1782

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2 Responses to The Cell Tower Lease Is For Sale: The Cell Tower Isn’t For Sale

  1. David says:

    7:11 Bavais: question about other areas that could’ve been ceirndosed for footprint.7:16 Feltz: wants to know specifics about exact location of facility7:18 Fletz: questions footprint, slab size, door-swings of equipment, monopole design and breakage .8:03 Bavais: questions ice on tower .8:05 Feltz: questions ice buildup 8:27 Feltz: TM planning as they go. Doesn’t buy it Not planning properly.8:46 Planner: applicant has met its obligations everything lines up with ordinance and RFP( A Request For Proposal) 8:50 Planner: RFP has all the specs. TM just responding to RFP, RFP issued by Council.8:52 Bavais: questions accommodation of police antennas.8:52 Planner: it’s all per the specs in the RFP.9:05 Planner: Existing use already established at property 9:08 Planner: Existing tower just being replaced9:11 Planner Responding To Another Question: Other viable locations Not necessary equipment/tower is already here.9:21 Planner Referring To Tally Site: Board of Adjustment asked TM why not go to our other site? Carrier went to town, Bd of Adjustment wants tower in current proposed location. . . YES IT’S TIME for a new appointments. . .even if we don’t get sued by T-Mobile to recover it’s costs in responding to this RFP. . .that according to Edgar St. Group attorney Ed Liston: was bad planning and bad judgment

  2. Ganesh says:

    There aren’t many people who dont want the tower at all. Most ecpact that we need the revenue, but the residents’ concern with the location is legitimate and was never considered. Mr Pasante who hired Mr Liston was not even aware of the application until it had already passed council. It is safe to say there was a rush to have this tower operational for the 2011 budget, remember this was supposed to contribute to the replenishment of the school taxes. Now a little more time can be taken to consider the concerns of Edgar Rd and other residents as well as design questions and concerns for future applications and the ability of the enclosure to house them, etc. I doubt this is the end of this tower but a necessary course correction.