Cell tower sale 26% higher with 1st-CellTowerBroker.com: Testimonial included

Thanks Steve L. for the testimonial – Glad to have helped

Cell Tower Lease Sold for 26% Higher

Our site, 1st-CellTowerBroker.com, brags that we can generate cell tower buyout lump sum sale offers at 10% to 15% higher than you can on your own. We outdid ourselves for Steve L.   We generated multiple competing offers and when it was all said and done, Steve went with an cell tower purchase offer that was 26% higher than offers he had received on his own.

His testimonial:


     I just wanted to comment that I found your service very valuable. I am comfortable     that you helped us secure the highest price [for our cell tower lease] possible and am most appreciative of your service. Feel free to use my contact information as a testimonial. I would enthusiastically recommend you and your site.

Steve L.”

Our formula is easy. We work with the the buyout firms in a way that brings out the best in their cell tower negotiations. We can do it for you!

Just saying!

Before you try and negotiate any cell site lease transaction, get a quote. You will be money ahead. 760 470-1782

Andrew G Kellerman’s financial background includes: VP, Thomson McKinnon, Stocks; US and Corp Bonds; Insurance; Commodities; Options; Real Estate; Mortgages; Cell Site Lease Consultation and Sales


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  2. Administrator says:

    Cell towers seem to bring out the best (pragmatists) and the worst (NIMBYs), but everyone wants the income and cell phone coverage.