Buyers Know Their Business!

Cell tower lease buyers have a significant advantage over sellers, and it isn't even close. I've watched for years, sellers either get a call from cell lease buyers or even worse, call the buyers themselves, thinking they are going to play one against the other and get the highest price possible. As I said, it's not even close.

Don't Go It Alone

It's my job to find the best-qualified buyer who is willing to pay you the most for your cell site lease, under the terms you require. There are a lot of really great firms out there that are acquiring cellular contracts for various investment portfolio types.

Don't Get Picked Off

When buyers talk to a seller, they can smell the low lying fruit. Let me give you an example. You may be talking to three or four potential cell tower lease buyers.

Buyer #1 offers you $140,000 for your $1,000/month lease and tells you that an offer of 140 times your rent monthly rent (rent multiples is a standard measure used by buyers).

Buyer #2 over bids buyer #1 by bidding $145,000 (a monthly multiple of 145) and talks you into the deal by telling you that buyer #1 is right when he said to you that the 140 monthly multiple is high, but he'd give you $145,000 if you sign now.

Buyer #3 has not even bid yet, and the deal is over. The fact may have been that buyer #3 would have paid $180,000 or more (a multiple of 180). 

As a third party negotiator coupled with simultaneous bids can insulate you from that fear of the lost best deal. I've had sales with multiples in the 200 range.

Cell Tower Lease Buyers Have a BIG Advantage