Cell Tower Lease Buyers

Who Are The Buyers?

Let me start touting my part in this industry, that is one of being a consultant, not a buyer's agent, but a seller's agent. I get paid more, the more I can net you. Buyers' agent gets paid more for paying you less. Now that said:

Cell Tower Site Lease Buyers are normally one of ---four types.

  • Wall Street aggregators, who purchase cell leases in and group them into a securitized fund, then sell off shares in that grouping as an income-producing security.

Example of a 'loaded' tower

  • Cell Tower companies who either build sites for cell phone carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc. or 'spec' build cell towers, knowing that the area is not being serviced well. They are known for building towers that can house multiple carriers. These cell site lease buyers also are prolific hoarders and are very competitive and maintain a very well trained sales force. I know because I've run into several sellers who didn't fare very well on their own.

  • Private firms who purchase cell tower leases for wealthy individuals or large companies who rather their excess cash be working for them. The returns can double bond rates but do carry the risk of termination.

  • Private and public companies who purchase cell site leases for their own accounts, again putting excess cash to work.

You owe it to yourself to first talk to me. I can promise you more net proceeds. How I market, your cell tower site lease makes all the difference. 

I have coined the name term 'Best Value Offer' ©. Click to see why.

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