About Buyouts

A cellular lease buyer will eventually contact most cell tower owners. They will promise to pay more and close faster than any other. Go figure.

Have an interest in selling your lease or, you want to find out what your contract is worth? You should read this: Why an RFP

is a proven procedure to bring the highest purchase price and the best terms.

Let me arrange a formal competition between buyers. You should read this before trying this on your own.

Best Offer Promise

Competition breeds the best deal. Now the only question is, could you pull this off by yourself?. You could call each buyer and negotiate yourself, but I don't recommend it. Keep in mind everyone you will speak to has more knowledge than you, and they are paid more to give you less. An advocate who is an equal can squeeze each buyer a little more, to net you more.

I do what needs to be done. It is more work, but it has proven over the past decade to net owners 10 to 15% more for their telecom leases. I call this my © Best Offer Promise. I believe making owners happy is worth every single bit of the extra effort. 

Cell Site Lease Documents Required

I will require a few documents:

*the cell tower or rooftop lease (including right of ways and easements),

*any lease amendments, letter of commencement,

*copies of your last three payments and

*your latest preliminary title report (if you have - saves lots of time) and

*pictures of the site features (antennae and the cabinets).

All qualified buyers will be notified and will register, should they wish to place a bid. Each registered cell lease buyer will be sent the packaged paperwork, along with bid directions and special circumstance requirements.

Buyers will have preferences as to, not just the lease financials, but who the carriers are, the location of the site, traffic counts, type of equipment. These factors all go into their value equation as dictated by their portfolio criteria.

Every firm has a target IRR (internal rate of return); they try and hit or beat. As your representative, It is my job to push the buyers towards their thresholds safely.

I will collect the offers and submit them to you with needed explanations, suggestions, and recommendations. You can reject, negotiate further or of course, accept one of the proposals as is. There is no obligation to accept any offer, and there is no cost to you unless you agree to one as presented or renegotiated to be acceptable. My fee is due only when and if a transaction is closed and funded.

Multiple Buyout Offers for Cell Site Leases

Our unique bid process will bring in competitive bids from the telecom’s most significant and best-financed buyers. Some buyers will buy a tower or rooftop lease for their accounts. Some will take a traunch of these and sell parts of the collection to the public, and still, others will trade individual contracts in an attempt to lessen their exposure to lease terminations.

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