Cell Site Lease 'Termination Clause'

contract signing

This is the scariest portion of a cell site lease. The clause that can kill the dreams of a substantial monthly income and an asset that may be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.    (Read more about the Cell Tower Site Lease Termination Clause)

Cell Site Lease 'Right of First Refusal'

The 'Right of First Refusal' clause seems innocuous at worst. The cell phone carrier tenant may even sell you on, "It's an advantage for you, the owner". Spoiler alert: It's not.    (Read more about the cell tower lease Right of First Refusal Clause (ROFR)

Cell Site Lease 'Colocation Rents'

When your tenant, the cell phone carrier adds a tenant, do you get some of the rent? Probably not. Ask for it when negotiating your lease.   (Read more about cell-site Colocation Rents)

Cell Site Lease 'Rent Escalations'

"Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.", an Albert Einstein quote. The escalation clause is just that. There are some tricks to take full advantage of it.    (Read more about cell-site Escalation of Rents)