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Request for Proposals (RFP)

RFPs or Request for Proposals is a formal invitation to bid on a service or project from municipalities, schools, fire stations, and most entities that are public. Holding an auction where all participants operate by the same rules prevents, what Sarah Palin might call, “Crony capitalism.”

Palm Tree Camouflaged Cell Tower

RFPs to Raise Capital

The same is true when a public entity wants to raise some capital. There's a real need for additional funds to prevent having to lay off police, teachers, and firefighters. When budgets are tight, and it becomes necessary to sell an asset, even one that has an excellent cash flow. But, you do what you have to do. They are right to insist that they get the best offer possible.

Cellular Buyouts

Competition breeds the highest offers. I've seen some astounding sales prices for site leases that would be unheard of if an owner was dealing directly with a buyout form.

Perfect Sales Tool

By breeding an RFP (Request for Proposals) with a blind auction, I have created the perfect sales tool that has proven to bring the very highest bidder and gives you, the seller, the opportunity to accept, negotiate or decline any offer. I've coined the name, the 'Best Offer Value' ©.

No Cost to Start, Inc. only earns a fee when the company is can find you an acceptable offer and only when and if the transaction closes escrow.

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